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Designed to be human: what does it mean to understand your energetic DNA

Updated: Jan 3

The same way you are created by human cells, hairs, water, and a bunch of bodily bio's, you also carry fierce energy about you.

That energy is often referred to as your aura. Your aura guides you and others around you through life when it comes to your personal engagements as well as the power to live as your truest self. It's a glowing of your human energy.

Since my science brain took a while to accept the dynamics of human design & human energy, I began by breaking down other laws in science that made sense to me.

The First Law of Thermodynamics (Conservation) states that energy is always conserved, it cannot be created or destroyed. In essence, energy can be converted from one form into another.

If energy can be converted from one form (which could be me) to another form (which could be you) then when we interact, we are actually exchanging energy. I don't believe this is a new concept, most of us understanding this!

So that feeling of warmth you get when you meet an incredibly intune individual, that's an energy exchange. Many find that occurrence to be magical, which I personally do agree with. If you are an empath like I am learning includes myself, you also feel the energy around you so intensely to the point it can be interpreted to understanding how someone feels if you are aware of your gift. Read about empaths here.

In addition, my understanding of the human gene code allowed me to visualize how the blueprint of our human design could relate, and how all of that relates to the planetary alignment at the time of your creation.

Similarly to how each person has a defined physical DNA that creates each and every one of us the same yet unique, we can understand our energetic DNA through understanding the blueprint of our human design.

Also referred to as the science of differentiation, Human Design was created by the teacher Ru Uru Hu after he downloaded a significant amount of information from the universe that gave them this genetic mapping of our energetic selves. There's a much longer story to his journey, for the purpose of this article I will leave it at that. Read about Ru Uru Hu here.

As humans continually evolve, the blueprint of human design has been given to us to further that understanding of how our energies interact with ourselves, each other, and the life purpose of our energetic being in this lifetime. Human design can teach you about your inner conscious and unconscious self through the combination of 5 tools that contribute to understanding the universe.

The system of Human design combines the studies of

> The Kabbalah tree of life

> I Ching

> Quantum Physics: Read 3 ways Quantum Physics Affects your Daily Life

> Chakra System: Read A beginners guide to the 7 chakras

> Modern Astrology

If you've ever read you're birth chart, you've already touched on some of the aspects included in a human design reading like your Sun sign, Moon sign, and Rising Sun.

I've decided to share my human design chart with you so you could see what I'm talking about as I describe a few things this chart can share with you. I got this graph for free at by entering my name, birth date, time of birth, and location. You can get yours for free as well and give yourself a reading!

Each one of the shapes you see represents an energetic center. An energy center is like a chakra but in a different expression. As you can see some energy centers are colored and some are not. This shows the difference between a defined and undefined center. Both are unique to the energy center and affect you in a different way.

In harmony, the entire chart represents the many unique combinations of individuality that can be used as a tool to help you find out,

  1. Who are you?

  2. What is your purpose?

  3. How do you interact with your inner self and other surrounding energies?

  4. What type of life are you intended to live

When I found human design, I was experiencing a chapter in my life of questioning my why in life and how to be happy, especially when it came to balancing a desirable career. Human design may have been the final push I needed to dive right into my oily mentorship business. It has allowed me to express myself freely with less judgment each time and more curiosity into the future.

At first, I wanted to read my own chart as I journeyed into self-discovery, but as my hunger grew, I had a reading from an incredible individual and now have continued to study the aspects of it so I can help others find purpose the way I have.

This tool goes hand in hand with my love for doTERRA and my beliefs about how your individual spirit needs its own cabinet of tools, just like our physical and mental health does. If doTERRA covers physical and mental, human design supports spiritual health as it shows you the unique purpose to live by, and live it with purpose and ease.

Human design can and will

  • improve the quality of your life through understanding

  • re-shape your way of thinking & allow your mind to heal

  • assist you in making decisions moment to moment

  • manage your personal challenges that are a part of daily life

Human Design uses your birth date, time, and location to create your genetic design coding or body graph. The body graph represents the energetic being that you are and includes a blueprint of who you are and what your purpose is. You begin by learning about yourself and your inner workings through discovering your type and your inner authority. It also reflects how those will be affected by the outside world and how we are called to act by it.

There are many combinations of human design that fall into 4 (its more like 5) distinct categories. There are 4 defined types and 1 combined sub-type: Generator, Projector, Manifestor, Reflector, and the subcategory of Generators, the Manifesting-Generator. Each type has a unique authority and aura style. Typically this is for the first piece of information you take in when learning your human design.

My chart has shared with me that I am a Generator. A generator is often seen as the worker bee of the world. It accounts for roughly 33% of the population.

When passion is the driver of my work, I can really put my best foot forward for an extended period of time. I can generate my own light and share it with those around me, kind of how I've followed my passion up until this point, which has brought me here to share it with you.

As I perfect my skills in reading human design charts, please like my posts so you can keep my business going, and keep updated with the different aspects of human design that will help you learn about what it means to be human.

...but powerful a human is.

Evelyn Murphy

Wellness Coach & Human Design Analyst

Instagram @theherbalhuman

Human Design offers a map of your unique energetic design, with detailed information on both conscious and unconscious self. Using this simple tool, you will be guided in discovering your own truth. If you suffer from a lack of self-love or clarity about your purpose and the direction of your life, I have no doubt in my mind that this will help.

For a human design reading with Evelyn, email or use the contact feature found on this website.


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