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Some super cool things you should know about DōTERRA

Updated: May 26, 2020

DōTERRA is a top essential oil company out there, making over 1 billion in sales last year and the first company to do so in the industry.

I heard the great news on the leadership LIVE conference stream that happened a couple of weeks ago and was available to anyone who would like to watch, in light of our circumstantial lockdown. I was lucky enough to get to watch it for the first time, even though its typically reserved for silver ranking leaders and above.

I wanted to share a few more things about how this company has brought quality to the table unlike any other essential oil or wellness brand out there. Here are the 3 coolest things about doTERRA.

1. The power of their purity.

I love that doTERRA is so transparent about their commitment to purity and always going the full length to ensure they achieve perfection. Even when the easier way is available and obviously more time/cost-efficient, the company is always working to make sure its harvested sustainably, made with quality, and sold as perfection. doTERRA takes every batch they produce and puts it through 54 different purity tests.

You can find all the information on their Source to You website and even check the quality of your product by entering the number on the bottom of the bottle, into this page, and it will tell you how amazing every drop really is.

Check the quality report on your doTERRA bottle here.

2. Sustainable Sourcing practices are crucial today, and doTERRA knows it.

As a nature lover myself, I really like knowing my products come from a sustainable source, and doTERRA really one-ups that process by constantly working on co-impacting sourcing projects that give back to the communities and the land that they are harvesting from, and if a natural disaster occurs they are there to provide support as they give back to the communities that help them produce these oils. This is a true family experience for all contributors to doTERRA.

When a hurricane Matthew struck his community in 2016, it was devastating. Hundreds of people were killed and tens of thousands were left homeless by the storm. Homes, the school, and the wells were damaged or destroyed by catastrophic flooding. Fortunately, Reginal did not lose any of his loved ones, but there were injuries. Additionally, his crops flooded and there was no transportation available between their village and the capital. To help his family and others to get back to their normal life as quickly as possible, we helped Reginal and other vetiver farmers affected by the disaster to rebuild their homes.

A piece on disaster relief from the co-impact sourcing website on Haiti and Vetiver

My personal favorite is the project for sourcing Black Spruce from my local lands of Canada! It is all the way in Quebec but it still makes me happy to know they contribute to our lands, rather than damage them. Check out the story of Black Spruce here.

3. The leadership culture is extremely empowering and the products are made to be affordable for everyone leading.

Once you sign-up with a doTERRA customer account, you automatically gain access to all of their blog information, DIYs, science facts, oil recipes, and more. The customer account is like a Costco membership. You pay a $42.oo fee for 1 year in Canada or $35.00 in the United States and it gets you 25% off all the retail pricing. If you buy more than 2 oils in a year from doTERRA, it's worth it. Plus, if you start with a collection right away, you automatically waive the 1-year fee as it comes with the collection, and the renewal is a reduced price if you choose to continue with your membership, which I think you will.

If you choose to really get the most out of your oil experience and embrace the lifestyle like I love to live it, you can get on the loyalty rewards program. This program is designed to bring you custom wellness kits every single month. If you order a certain amount of value in your box, you can get points back that can be dedicated to free oils! Its how I buy all of my high-end rollers like Jasmine, or Rose.

Converting all of my products over to doTERRA has allowed me to get the most out of my wellness boxes and it helped me to make the switch with ease. I can order anything from laundry detergent to mouthwash, or my vitamins and some essential oils. I get points back for my purchases later, when I eventually run out of something. The options are endless when it comes to how you can incorporate doTERRA into your life, and I've personally loved every new experience with it.

Wellness products & self-care should be made affordable, and doTerra has done exactly that just for us because they recognize the importance of having these oils. They thrive on a method of sustainability and are committed to always having the purest oils in the hands of all their customers and their own families.

If that isn't a cool way to get the purest oils ever, well then I don't think you know what cool is!

But that's alright, let me show you.

If you want to sign up with the herbal human(s) oil community, click this link and it will bring you to my favourite enrollment kit, the healthy habits collection. All you have to do is put in your information, hit process, and wait for your kit to arrive!

Once I see you've joined the club, I will reach out with information on everything you'll need to get started plus a little gift from me as a welcome in. Get comfortable with the idea of having the coolest oils out there that all your friends will want to grab.

I can't wait to explore this essential lifestyle with you.

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