In the moment that you can truly embrace your uniqueness, You are divine.

- Ru Ura Hu.

Human Design



Modern Astrology


 Kabbalah tree of life

Quantum sciences

and the Chakra system

, you can discover how to live in a state of true alignment. This can improve your moment to moment decision making and live with less stress as there is less pressure to be a certain way. Detach from your conditioning and become aware of your true self.

Human Design offers a unique mapping of your energetic design, sharing insight on both the conscious and unconscious aspects of our self. If you struggle with, 

a lack of self-love

trying to find your truest expression

dealing with traumas of the past

personal sexuality

self-healing & management

this system could help you to discover a new approach to living life. Human design functions best in combination with other simple rituals I share in my practice as the herbal human. This could be an additional tool for your spiritual archive, always balancing your mind, body, and spirit.

There is no one way to 

show people love

learn new things

balance mental health

feel fulfilled in the workplace

be a business person

deal with trauma

grow spiritually

heal medicinally

I challenge you to welcome an awakening of your innate power within that will help you to overcome societal conditioning with a commitment towards living a more spiritual and aligned lifestyle. 

Moonlit Night

Blueprint reading

Over a 90 min session, we will discuss all the basics of your unique human design blueprint. Each reading also includes a custom 20 page PDF of notes for your future reference


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