I've always dreamed of working on my own farm and providing sustenance for my community through nourishing organic foods, humane animal interactions, and all that fun stuff, mostly because it was farms that gave me purpose when I needed it most. 

Now, I've grown to start providing sustenance through the online written word and share my unique expressions of soul development; such as essential oils, human design, and other goodies I find along the way.

Through this blog, I hope to share my collective knowledge with you and potentially spark feelings of, 

strength & courage


motivation to heal others

passing on your own story

generating love



feeling understood

being okay with it all

In a world of seemingly unlimited possibilities, the only thing I can not replace is my time being alive, which is why I want my time working to count towards my own souls' development in the end.


I'd be grateful to make an impact on others in the process.

because I work to see you. To understand you, and learn so much more about you.

Here it goes.

To share a little more about myself, I'd like to tell you a few things.

You might have noticed that one of my trades is being an essential oil expert. I've been using oils for over 4 years, but have known doTERRA for 3.

so why doTERRA?

this is simple really.

doTERRA shares something with me and our greater community that no other company has, and that's value in their top of the market products and the community that stands behind the bottle.

They already generate happiness internationally, so I decided to join them. 

After smelling each unique aroma, I found myself addicted to these incredible essences. Every bottle shares a story, teaching me something new while providing support to my physical, emotional and spiritual systems. 

and then I discovered human design which tied loose ends, together.

The human design blueprint offers an entirely different realm of information, accessing our most subconscious tendencies in astrological representation. If the planets can shift our energy through Mercury retrogrades, who's to say the stars didn't write a story for you right as you were born. I say, like any personality test, it's worth a little time being self-aware.

Maybe this is the manual you've secretly been searching for. It was for me.

I am constantly growing.



Join me for more on self discovery.

Evelyn Murphy



Tel: 647-834-4383 *text only*

Ontario, Canada