My Story


Evelyn is an amateur writer aspiring to share the story of her collective experiences in hopes that others may find connection, comfort, and wisdom in between the lines. Having to grow up quickly, Evelyn has found peace in sharing all the points that got her here.

Right after high school, she did what everyone else her age seemed to do; she left home as soon as possible to gain a post-secondary education, followed by finding a job in that industry that would pay for the dream life. Halfway through her pursuit, she realized that although education is highly valued in many industries, it did not equal success in the long run for many and it wasn't going to help her achieve the big dreams that she had.

Now halfway through her 20's, Evelyn continues to work towards her original goal of finding success (and financial freedom) through sharing her writing,  love for herbalism & agriculture + essential oils + psychedelic experiences, along with the few crafty things that are created between flow states, like bath bombs, oil blends, and natural self-care accessories. Evelyn also spends her time reading about human design, allowing her to work through chart interpretation with her clients.

With all of her passions, Evelyn is determined to intertwine each of her skills into something memorable that each person she meets will gain from. She knows that everyone can benefit from a strong dose of relatable energetic exchanges.

It wasn't easy for Evelyn growing up and a lot of those emotions can be found between the lines of her writing. Often sharing her experiences with abusive relationships, self-identity issues, family structure complications, mental health battles + personal health struggles, others have said they feel connected when reading Evelyn's work. As a young human with an old soul, Evelyn hopes to create peace within herself and others simultaneously. 

To learn more about Evelyn, I encourage you to check out the blog.