Our lifetime of conditioning is the block between us & our most radiant self. 

Are you seeking a greater truth or purpose to who you are?

Maybe you've noticed your emotional management is out of whack?

Do you wish you lived a more eco-conscious lifestyle?

Is your mind, body, and spirit in complete disconnect these days?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, you should consider beginning this journey.

When you chose to work with me, I will provide you with the utmost support in whatever barriers you'd like to breakthrough. I will comfort you when past traumas arise and guide you towards healing through the many ways I know how too. If I cannot assist you, I know I can find someone who will. I will support your decisions to evolve no matter what that consists of for you. 

I am a healer of many, open, and understanding as aligned by my design in the ultimate search for the answer of what it means to be happy today.

I have chosen a lifestyle of constant evolution, reducing my toxic load, drawing in positive energy, and manifesting my dreams into a reality. I decided to go completely against the suggested system and it worked. Now, I am sharing that journey with you. 

I provide guidance to individuals who are looking to evolve their lives into something much greater than just existing.


Whether it's your social life, your relationship, or your business, I want you to feel REALLY good about what you have and gain more by choosing to evolve rather than settle.

I have come to recognize that in a sea of a million self-help opinions the only one that really matters is your own.


I can't change your mindset for you, but I can provide you with new tools and a safe space so that you may heal yourself. I can give you the resources to be informed about your body, mind, and spirit all in one. 

In my experience with mental health, it did not matter how much exercise I was doing, my mind was draining it anyways. 

It wasn't until I evolved my mindset that things became easier and my health actually improved.


I choose my essential oils carefully, being sure to only trust 


because this is so much more than just a pretty smell.

With my body and mind covered with all the essentials, there was spirit left to embrace.

That's where Human Design fits in.

Each of us has a unique blueprint that defines how our energetic being interacts with the world, what destiny might await us, and what lessons we might be intended to learn most passionately. 

When given a deeper understanding of our unique human design, we can create strong relationships with those around us, and with ourselves. 

Having a manual to life can make all of the difference. As a tool of personal development, Human Design proposes an opportunity to participate in the great human experiment of discovering what it means to be the authentic you.

What people have said...

I loved all the new knowledge Evelyn brought into the session and her articulate way of distilling the information down so it was easy for me to understand and integrate.

I have been so keenly interested in my HD and I asked Spirit to guide me to the right person to help bring this information to me - I was guided to Evelyn...

- Manifesting Generator

I love that she pointed to areas where I may need to be aware of conditioning, and gave me the tools to break those cycles. The booklet I was given at the end is full of everything and more that we discussed in the reading. Overall I feel like I was given a road map that I get to go explore every day, something I SO needed right now! Thank you, Evelyn!


- Manifesting Generator

She met me where I was at with my understanding and educated me from that perspective, and I love that...

I found this help me understand that I have built great-practices that align with my design and, further-more how I can level it up. It helped me uncover a couple of blocks I have, and stepping back, putting ego to the side, will support my future growth.

- Manifestor

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